Тhis Family Аdopted А 20-Year-Old Сat Тo Give Нim Lots Оf Love Аnd Joy In Нis Last Years Оf Life

While many people prefer to adopt a pet when it is still young, this loving family chose to adopt a 20-year-old cat named Dexter in order to provide him with all of the love he deserved in his final years, and as a result, this cat was very happy and undoubtedly left an irreplaceable place in the hearts of his family after his passing.

It all began when Best Friends Animal Society member Jill Williams got an email urgently asking foster homes for some kittens.

The mother, who had a husband, four dogs, and two children who were eager to have a cat, was unsure how bringing a new member to the family would go.

According to Jill Williams,

“We were very convinced that even if we temporarily cared for a homeless cat, we’d have to keep them separate.”

“We had no clue how our dogs would react to a feline family member.”

Jill went to the sanctuary and noticed a number of cats searching for a home. She was thinking of adopting a tiny cat at the moment, but instead she met an elderly toothless cat named Dexter who liked her. Her heart was fully stolen.

“A million things were racing through my mind.”

A 20-year-old cat was adopted by a family to make him happy in his senior years.

Jill doubted that a 20-year-old cat could live with four dogs and two active children at his age, but Dexter didn’t seem to mind; all he needed was a home.

“Dexter was meowing at me nonstop, coming in and out between my knees, paws on my legs as I knelt.”

“All right, I was going to take him home.”

When the lady chose to bring Dexter home, she convened a family meeting to explain the situation and lay down the ground rules for the future.

Jill Williams’ boys, JJ and Harry, who were 5 and 7 years old at the time, were instant fans of Dexter.

“With his drooping fur and crooked smile, JJ didn’t see a 20-year-old cat; he saw a best friend, a soulmate; at just 5 years old, JJ realized the necessity of assisting this cat, regardless of your age or looks.”

Jill stated,

“Dexter would meow and put his paws out from beneath the door for the following few days.”

“All of the dogs were really intrigued.” They never looked agitated or hostile.”

Flora, a 140-pound dog, was particularly interested in figuring out whose legs were hanging out from under the door.

“Dexter meowed and waved hello as she smelled his nose out the door.”

When the dogs eventually met the kitty, they started getting along swimmingly.

“It was completely insane.”

“It’s still hard for me to believe. All of them slept with Dexter. He was the monarch.”

In his final years, this cat experienced the love of a household.

Dexter spent the following two years with his adoring family, gaining weight and regaining his fur.

“He was involved and concerned.”

“He never acted his age.” Never. He adored everyone .

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