Kitten Thrown Out By Her Owners

Stoyan and Dessy are a couple that live in Bulgaria. They spend a lot of time looking out for the stray cats in their neighborhood and hope to one day build a shelter so that they can step up their care program.

Everything they provide for the cats comes from their own pockets or with the help of donations from their YouTube subscribers.

In this video they were contacted about a kitten that had been thrown out by her owners. They had an idea about where she was so they set off to look for her.

When they arrived, they realised it was close to the apartment block where her previous owners lived, so they circled the area a few times and eventually caught sight of her.

She was near the parking lot so they put out some food for her, she came straight away, she was obviously very hungry.

The city where they live has thousands of stray cats, but a domestic cat like her wouldn’t survive very long on the streets.

So they took her home with the hope of giving her a better life.

It was thought that she may have been abused by her previous owners, so their plan was to keep her at home with them until they could find a good person that was willing to adopt her.

She soon got used to her new surroundings, they have designated a special room in their house for this situation and before long she turned into a purring machine.

This delightful kitty was as good as gold. They decided to name her Blue – just like the color of her eyes.

Stoyan and Dessy didn’t think it would take long to find the perfect new family for this gentle kitty.

And they were right! After 2 months with these caring, animal loving people, Blue found her forever home.

This meant that the special cat room was now available for the four kittens that were recently rescued.

And Blue even got the chance to meet them. (Although she was a bit hesitant!)

It’s always hard for foster parents to say goodbye to the cats they have in their care.

And for Stoyan and Dessy this was especially true when they had to say farewell to Blue.

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