Rescue Kitten Goes Crazy For Her Special Treat!

Foster the Furbabies is an incredible animal rescue organization and they managed to capture the hearts of over 13 million people with a short, yet incredibly amusing, clip shared on their TikTok account.

The star of the video was a tiny, adorable black kitten named Meredith, whose mischievous antics with a Starbucks drink left viewers delighted.

Meredith and her siblings were rescued by Foster the Furbabies in New Jersey, USA, during a time of dire need.

Found drenched in the rain and suffering from severe illnesses, these orphaned kittens were in desperate need of help and care.

At just three weeks old, the kittens were burdened with upper respiratory and eye infections, as well as parasites.

Without hesitation, the compassionate rescuers swiftly provided the necessary medical attention and transported the feline family to a shelter for ongoing care and support.

While the outlook for Meredith’s siblings was promising, her eye issues posed a greater challenge.

She endured many visits to the vet before this brave little kitten could finally be deemed healthy and ready for adoption, albeit with some residual vision impairment.

Everyone was overjoyed with Meredith’s recovery, so bidding her farewell would be diffiicult.

In order to celebrate her restored health and bid her an official goodbye before her transition to a new home, the rescuers decided to treat Meredith to her very first Starbucks experience.

Knowing that Meredith had always shown great excitement for food, they hoped that this gesture would be the perfect farewell gift for her.

And Meredith did not disappoint!

She wholeheartedly indulged in a delightful Puppuccino, a special treat available at select Starbucks locations in Japan and the US.

Consisting of a small cup of whipped cream, this irresistible delicacy captivated the hearts of countless canines and felines alike. Meredith was no exception.

The moment the Puppuccino graced her presence, Meredith fell head over paws in love.

In a matter of seconds, her tiny face was completely coated in creamy deliciousness.

Unfazed by her cream-covered countenance, Meredith relished the treat in her own unique way, bringing joy and laughter to everyone around her.

Take a look at this adorable kitten in action:

After Foster the Furbabies shared the endearing video on their Instagram account, Meredith’s popularity skyrocketed across the internet.

Concerns were raised about the suitability of dairy for such a young kitten, but the organization reassured everyone that their decision was well-informed, based on extensive research.

Furthermore, the amount of dairy Meredith consumed was negligible, as most of the cream playfully adorned her body instead.

A few days later, Meredith embarked on her journey to her forever home, where she now thrives in a loving environment filled with all the treats and adoration she deserves.

She has also found companionship with fellow feline siblings, forming special bonds that warm the hearts of her new family.

Although Meredith no longer resides in the shelter with her rescuers, her delightful video will forever serve as a reminder of the joy she brought into their lives.

Foster the Furbabies are deeply invested in the well-being of every animal they encounter while continuing their vital mission of saving and nurturing these precious lives.

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