Stray Cat Brings Her New Babies One-By-One To Our Doorstep

One day, Robin Williams and her partner were greeted by high-pitched meows on their porch.

It wasn’t a surprise to them, as Baby Cat, a talkative neighborhood feline, had made it a habit to visit them daily.

She had a unique way of letting them know she was there by using her vocal prowess.

“For the past year, Baby Cat has been a regular visitor to our house, always making her presence known with her loud meows,” shared Robin with a smile.

“She would come to our door and meow loudly, seeking our attention.”

But on this particular day, something about Baby Cat’s cries caught their attention. The couple was accustomed to the meows around their home.

They had their own cat, and stray cats would often drop by for some affection and a bite to eat. However, within moments of meeting Baby Cat, they felt a special connection with her.

“From the first day we met her, she placed her trust in us,” said Robin.

“Baby Cat was always accompanied by an older gray cat. The older cat was too frightened to approach our porch for food, but Baby Cat fearlessly walked up to our door and enjoyed her meals with us.”

From that day forward, Baby Cat became a regular visitor to Williams’ home. Over time, what started as a casual encounter transformed into a deep friendship between the stray cat and the loving couple.

“She was always eager to get closer to us, and as time passed, she grew more and more trusting,” Robin shared.

“She went from coming for food to allowing us to pet her. Eventually, she started venturing inside the house to enjoy her meals. Before we knew it, she was spending extended periods in our basement, sometimes even staying overnight.”

A few months into their routine, Williams noticed a change in Baby Cat’s appearance. The once slender feline was growing noticeably bigger.

It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that she was pregnant, and they hoped she would trust them enough to have her kittens near their house.

“We even thought that, given the time she spent with us, she might choose our basement as the birthplace for her kittens,” Williams pondered.

However, Baby Cat continued her routine of visiting the porch during the day and leaving at night. Then, one morning, as Williams prepared Baby Cat’s breakfast, she sensed something different about the expectant mother.

“That morning, her meows were deeper and longer than usual,” Robin reminisced. “We assumed she was just extra hungry, but when we approached the window, we knew something was up.”

Through the window, Williams and her partner observed Baby Cat, surprisingly skinny once again. Hurriedly, they turned around to fetch her food, but when they opened the door a few seconds later, Baby Cat had vanished.

“As we placed the food down, we saw her returning to the porch, carrying a tiny kitten in her mouth,” Robin recounted. “After gently depositing the first baby, she dashed off to the abandoned house two doors down.”

Driven by curiosity and concern, Robin’s partner followed Baby Cat to the abandoned house, hoping to find the rest of the kittens.

Meanwhile, Robin lovingly settled the first newborn into a cozy bed. One by one, Baby Cat transported all of her precious babies.

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