Woman Watches Her Neighbors Abandon Their Cat

When you’ve a cat in your family for many years you become their world, you are everything to them.

That is what makes this story so heartbreaking and for many of us, unbelievable.

Maria was looking out of her window one day when she noticed that the neighbors opposite her house were moving.

They hadn’t mentioned to anyone in the street that they were going, but there was one thing that she really didn’t understand, they left the family cat behind.

She couldn’t believe that they would do such a thing, especially because of his age, did these people have no feelings at all?

She could see him sitting there in all weather waiting for them to come back, every time a car went past he would look up hoping that they had come back for him, but alas no.

Maria decided that enough was enough, it had been three days since his family disappeared and she couldn’t leave that poor kitty out there alone any longer but every time she approached him he ran away.

So she started putting out food for him but he would only eat it when she wasn’t around.

She noticed that he was losing weight fast, he seemed to be eating okay so maybe it was the stress of losing his family.

So one day, even though he was hissing at her, Maria managed to pick him up – this was a good time to take him to the vet to get checked out.

He spent four days at the vet getting treatment and when Maria went to pick him up she could see that he was looking a lot better, she named him Rolo and took him back to his forever home.

Rolo was very lucky to have a neighbour like Maria, who knows what might have happened to him had there not being a caring lady living opposite.

Sure he still does his own thing, but he now has a good life with a caring family which is exactly what a cat like Rolo deserves.

It’s so heartwarming to finally see him happy, they didn’t realise that he was such a playful cat and that one of his favourite things was rolling around in the dirt.

Yes he will probably always miss his previous family, they were after all his whole world, but at least now he will live out his days with people that care.

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